Fathers' Day

What if someone had made a recording of the Jewish children of Warsaw as they were rounded up by the Nazis and their enablers to be sent to their doom? And what if a copy of that recording had been distributed to a majority of German homes and heard by a majority of German adult citizens? Would history have turned out differently? Would their cries have been heard?

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Zotero-Nikola Harmony (One Simple Trick)

TL;DR: Modify the post-related templates in your active theme to add the following to the <head> element in each post:

<meta property="zotero:itemType" content="blogPost">

Also, make sure to define the zotero namespace prefix for this property in the prefix attribute on the <html> element. The proper value is http://www.zotero.org/namespaces/export#.

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A Roman Tombstone from Heidelberg

Last month I spent some time in Heidelberg, Germany. While there, I participated in a meeting organized by the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften, which was focused on an initiative dubbed "epigraphy.info." I also got the chance to visit the Kurpfälzisches Museum, which has a collection of Roman artifacts excavated from the area of Heidelberg. I hope to write one or more extended blog posts about the meeting, the museum, and epigraphy.info (perhaps for Current Epigraphy), but in the meantime I thought I'd share one of the inscriptions in the museum collection.

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Blogs that work with Zotero

I noticed that posts on my blog don't capture smoothly into Zotero (i.e., I have to edit the records in Zotero after I capture them). So, I want to fix my theme so this is no longer a problem and then contribute that modified theme back to the Nikola community.

Step one (this post): look at some blogs and figure out which ones work well with Zotero and figure out why.

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The thing about heterarchy is: more heterarchy

So over the weekend I published a post intended to introduce the notion of the "fediverse" to friends and colleagues who are interested in exploring options other than the big, commercial, centralized social media outfits. The W3C spec for ActivityPub took a starring role in my presentation, because it's fundamental to the operation of Mastodon, the social communication server software on which I focused. But this morning (thanks to a Mastodon post from @Wu-Lee, a fellow social.coop user) I learned that not everyone is so boosterish about the protocol.

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