Changes to Electra and Maia Atlantis

This morning I've added the following blogs to the Electra Atlantis feed aggregator:

Thanks to Adam Brin at Digital Antiquity for alerting me to their existence.

I have updated feed addresses in Electra for the following blogs, which have changed recently:
I have also removed the following blogs for the reasons indicated:
  • The feed URL for the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln) is returning an error 500
  • Sheila Brennan's Relaxing on the Trail has had its permissions reset so that it is no longer accessible.
  • Notis Toufexis' blog seems to have disappeared.
I have added the following blogs to the Maia Atlantis feed aggregator:

Zeugma at Pleiades and ISAW

In honor of Kutal Gorkay's upcoming talk at ISAW (Recent Archaeological Research in Zeugma: March 21, 2011), I've taken the opportunity to update the Zeugma resource at Pleiades. It now has:

  • a precise location (taken from the visible remains of the theater)
  • Greek orthography for the name Zeugma (Ζεύγμα) -- I couldn't quickly find a verifiable ancient reference for the other name we inherited from the Barrington: Seleukeia pros to Euphrate
  • an updated description and place type (settlement)
  • a modestly expanded "details" section in which I link to Zeugma resources elsewhere (including the official excavation website, Wikipedia, and some digital publications by David Walker at the University of Western Australia)
I hope you'll check out both the lecture notice and the Pleiades resource. I'd of course be grateful for comments, corrections and additions to the latter. 

And if you think you could do something like this for another Pleiades place resource, by all means, please join up and give it a try. You'll find how-to instructions in my Valentine's Day Pleiades Post. If you've got Irish interests or ancestry, why not pick an ancient site in Ireland to spruce up in celebration of St. Patrick's Day!

Zeugma on Pleiades:
Ancient sites in Ireland link courtesy of the spatial search functions Sean Gillies recently added to Pleiades.

Adopt a place for Valentine's day

Pleiades places are looking for love and this year you can give it to them (it never hurts to get ready for Valentine's Day early). It will only take a few minutes of your time.

Here are some examples of things you could do (many of them quickly) to enhance the content in Pleiades:
Here are some ways you could use links to Pleiades to enrich content elsewhere on the web
Feel free to suggest other ways (with links to examples, where appropriate) in the comments.

How to get started

Are you a registered Pleiades user? If not, please visit the Pleiades Community page and follow the instructions there.

If you are a registered Pleiades user and you want to make a modification to a place resource (improved on 24 January):
  • log in
  • use the search box to find the place resource you're interested in changing
  • select "actions" ... "check out" (this will create a working copy for you)
  • select the "edit" tab
  • make and save your changes as many times as you like (you're working on a private copy of the original that only you can see)
  • once you're happy with the results, select "state: drafting" and change it to "submit for review"
  • the editors will review your suggested changes and be in touch via email if they have any questions ... otherwise they'll add your name to the "creator" or "contributor" field (as appropriate) and publish the changes so everyone can see them
Get stuck? 

Ask a question on the pleiades-community list, to which all Pleiades users are automatically subscribed.

Your Pleiades place is waiting for you!

Changes to the Atlantides Feed Aggregators

Feeds for the following resources have been added to the Atlantides Feed Aggregators:

I've removed Digital Humanities Quarterly from the Electra aggregator because its feed refreshes on a nearly daily basis and each time the entries for the previously published issue are updated to the refresh date. This has the effect of keeping the latest issue of DHQ hovering near the top of the Electra feed long past its publication date, defeating the purpose of the aggregator.