New feed aggregator for ancient data

I've added a new feed aggregator to the Planet Atlantides constellation. It's called Potamos, and it's dedicated to aggregating feeds of data from web sites about the ancient world (photos, archaeological records, bibliographic records, spatial data, and the like, rather than blog posts, news items, or event announcements).

I've listed the modest number of feeds it's presently pulling together below; if you know of a web resource whose feed (Atom or RSS) you think should be added, please send me a link and I'll have a look.

  • Ancient World Image Bank Pool (Flickr) [page | feed]
  • Ancient World Open Bibliographies (Zotero) [page | feed]
  • Chiron, CC images of the Classical World Pool (Flickr) [pagefeed]
  • Chronique des fouilles en ligne / Archaeology in Greece Online [pagefeed]
  • Epigraphische Datenbank Heidelberg: Inschriften: Letzte Änderungen [page | feed]
  • Epigraphische Datenbank Heidelberg: Fotos: Letzte Änderungen [page | feed]
  • Epigraphische Datenbank Heidelberg: Publikationen: Letzte Änderungen [page | feed]
  • Recent Commits to (Github) [page | feed]
  • Pleiades Places Pool (Flickr) [page | feed]
  • Pleiades: Recently Modified [page | feed]
  • Portable Antiquities Scheme Database: Latest Finds [pagefeed]
  • Visibile Parlare - Greek inscriptions Pool (Flickr) [page | feed]
  • Visible words - Visibile parlare Pool (Flickr) [page | feed]

Pleiades Hackday: Improving Descriptions

A Pleiades hack day is now underway in the Pleiades IRC channel. We've decided to focus on cleaning up descriptions for Pleiades place resources on the island of Sardinia. The following query gives you most of the Pleiades content for Sardinia and Corsica:

Here's our process:

  1. Pick a place to improve
  2. Drop the title and URL into the IRC channel, so everyone knows you're working on it
  3. Check out a working copy of the place
  4. In your working copy, write a better description and connect the place to the place resource for the island you're working on.
  5. Submit for review
  6. Ping paregorios or servilius_ahala in IRC to get it reviewed and published

We're also building an FAQ on the subject of "What Makes a Good Pleiades Description?".