>>> import
>>> import pprint
>>> tools = [n for n in dir( if n[0] != '_']
>>> pprint.pprint(tools)

New in Maia: Kristina Killgrove

I have just added the following two blogs to the Maia Atlantis feed aggregator:

title = Kristina Killgrove (Forbes)
url =
creators = Kristina Killgrove
description = Kristina Killgrove's stories.
feed =

title = Powered By Osteons
url =
creators = Kristina Killgrove
feed =

I'm embarrassed to admit that Powered By Osteons is only now getting into Maia. I've been impressed with and reading it for a long time; I don't know how I failed to include it previously. My apologies to the author!


Worth remembering:

$ pdftotext -eol mac -nopgbrk foo.pdf 

$ find . -iname *.pdf -exec pdftotext -eol mac -nopgbrk {} \;

Updated in Planet Atlantides: From Stone to Screen

I have updated in the Maia and Electra feed aggregators the URL and feed URL for the website of the From Stone to Screen project at the University of British Columbia:

title = From Stone to Screen
url =
creators = University of British Columbia
description = There are over 1,000 artifacts and squeezes  of inscriptions in the collection of the  Department of Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies of The University of British Columbia. Until now, the collection was only available on site in Vancouver. We are excited to announce the beginning of our effort to make these objects available for study to scholars and students around the world.
feed =