Fathers' Day

What if someone had made a recording of the Jewish children of Warsaw as they were rounded up by the Nazis and their enablers to be sent to their doom? And what if a copy of that recording had been distributed to a majority of German homes and heard by a majority of German adult citizens? Would history have turned out differently? Would their cries have been heard?

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Zotero-Nikola Harmony (One Simple Trick)

TL;DR: Modify the post-related templates in your active theme to add the following to the <head> element in each post:

<meta property="zotero:itemType" content="blogPost">

Also, make sure to define the zotero namespace prefix for this property in the prefix attribute on the <html> element. The proper value is http://www.zotero.org/namespaces/export#.

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A Roman Tombstone from Heidelberg

Last month I spent some time in Heidelberg, Germany. While there, I participated in a meeting organized by the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften, which was focused on an initiative dubbed "epigraphy.info." I also got the chance to visit the Kurpfälzisches Museum, which has a collection of Roman artifacts excavated from the area of Heidelberg. I hope to write one or more extended blog posts about the meeting, the museum, and epigraphy.info (perhaps for Current Epigraphy), but in the meantime I thought I'd share one of the inscriptions in the museum collection.

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Blogs that work with Zotero

I noticed that posts on my blog don't capture smoothly into Zotero (i.e., I have to edit the records in Zotero after I capture them). So, I want to fix my theme so this is no longer a problem and then contribute that modified theme back to the Nikola community.

Step one (this post): look at some blogs and figure out which ones work well with Zotero and figure out why.

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