This website belongs to Tom Elliott (ipse@paregorios.org).

Which Tom Elliott, you ask? The following information will probably help you disambiguate me from the homonymous politician, stunt man, footballer, investment banker, psychic, etc.

Names, Identifiers, and Pronouns


Associate Director for Digital Programs and Senior Research Scholar
Institute for the Study of the Ancient World
New York University

Work email: tom.elliott@nyu.edu

Code and Data

Writing, Reading, Collaborating, and Photography

In addition to my personal blogging, you'll find me writing the occasional work-related post for the ISAW News blog. I'm a contributing editor at Current Epigraphy. I'm co-managing editor and principal investigator for the Pleiades gazetteer of ancient places, so a lot of my intellectual effort goes into content creation and review there (it too has a sporadic news blog). I sometimes contribute content to the Digital Classicist Wiki and to Wikipedia.

I track my reading with the Zotero research assistant. The Pleiades community also uses Zotero to manage the bibliography cited in the gazetteer.

I am founder and co-convenor of the EpiDoc collaborative, an international community that provides guidelines and tools for encoding scholarly and educational editions of ancient documents.

For what it's worth, you'll find my occasional, amateur photography on Flickr, either on my personal account or as part of the Ancient World Image Bank.

Blogging and Social Media

Between 2007 and 2018, I blogged on Blogger at http://horothesia.blogspot.com/, but now I host my own blog here at paregorios.org using the Nikola static site generator. The old Horothesia blog is still there (last time I checked), but I've imported all the posts into this site. You can find them in the archive or via the "horothesia" tag. New posts appear on the main page of this site, and you can subscribe to the blog using RSS because RSS was and still is a good thing.

My principal microblogging venue is @paregorios@social.coop. That's a Mastodon user account on the social.coop instance. As of this writing, I still have a Twitter account, but I'm working toward tweeting only weekly summaries of the hashtags I use on Mastodon.

At the time of this writing, I still have a presence on Facebook. I also have a Google+ profile, a LinkedIn profile, and a Pinterest account, but I don't post to them regularly. Please note: I don't accept friend/follow requests on these platforms from people that I don't already know in meatspace.