IJGIS Special Issue on Digital Gazetteers

Mike Goodchild wrote yesterday to say that a "digital gazetteers" issue of the International Journal of Geographic Information Science (Taylor & Francis; ISSN-print 1365-8816; ISSN-online 1365-8824) is now in press and will appear in 2008. This issue arises from the 2006 Santa Barbara workshop on digital gazetteers and includes the following articles:

  • M.F. Goodchild and L.L. Hill, Introduction to Digital Gazetteer Research
  • C.B. Jones, R.S. Purves, P.D. Clough, H. Joho, Modelling Vague Places with Knowledge from the Web
  • Q. Guo, Y. Liu, J. Wieczorek, Georeferencing Locality Descriptions and Computing Associated Uncertainty Using a Probabilistic Approach
  • R. Mostern, I. Johnson, From Named Place to Naming Event: Creating Gazetteers for History
  • J.T. Hastings, Automated Conflation of Digital Gazetteer Data
  • K. Janowicz and C. Kessler, Rethinking Feature Type Thesauri -- An Ontological View