right-to-left in blogger

Last week, I griped about blogger's announcement of right-to-left text support because the post seemed to say that a point-and-click mechanism for mixing right-to-left and left-to-right text was only available in blogs set to the newly available Arabic, Hebrew or Persian languages.

I got a comment to the effect that I was wrong and that the settings are available in the dashboard. After an inspection of the dashboard for this blog, and of every single customization tab, I conclude that I was not wrong.

You can only get compose-gui support for mixing RTL and LTR in posts if your blog language is set to Arabic, Hebrew or Persian. The relevant blogger help entry confirms this view (emphasis mine):

If you're not seeing the directionality buttons in the post editor, it's likely because right-to-left support is only available in the Hebrew, Arabic and Persian interfaces.
I stand by my original complaints.