Disabling keystroke activation of Frontrow in Mac OSX

My productivity has been taking a hit lately because of Apple's default keystroke sequence for Frontrow. I have no beef with the software, but it's been driving me crazy that I frequently overshoot CMD+GRAVE and hit CMD+ESC, which invokes a full-screen blackout, followed by a slow fade-in of the Frontrow interface, which can't be banished (using the ESC key) until it's fully displayed. Yes, it's all about my sloppy typing, but still .... Argh!

Given that I'm still re-adjusting to the Mac (having been moved to Windows ca. 1998 -- long before the advent of OSX -- and only recently re-mac'd), I wasn't sure where to look to fix this. Thanks to motulist and xUKHCx over at the Mac Basics and Help forum on MacRumors (by way of Google), I now have the answer.

Standby for a work speed-up!