Model Beijing

I was psyched to learn, through this morning's Huntsville Times, that the simulation development group at my old employer, AEgis Technologies Group, is getting their 3D modeling work showcased on NBC's Olympics coverage. I had a chance to get the guided tour last year; they're doing some great work, using a combination of sharp people, innovative methods, DigitalGlobe (and other) imagery and open-source software.

They've set up a demo site where you can find out more and play with some of the models: Virtual Beijing of Olympic Proportions.

I do have to correct one what must be a blunder in the Huntsville Times' write up: the images used cannot all be free ... it's the software they're using that's open-source. Or maybe the confusion is over the difference between "freely available" (i.e., not classified) and "free" (as in better than cheap).