Gregory Mumford on Old Kingdom Collapse in Huntsville

The North Alabama Society of the Archaeological Institute of American kicks off its 2009-2010 lecture season tomorrow as follows:

We begin our new archaeology lecture series with a fascinating discussion of the collapse of the Old Kingdom in Egypt for which evidence from Egyptian fortifications in the Sinai is particularly revealing. Dr. Gregory Mumford will share his extensive knowledge of the Old Kingdom and how he employs both satellite data and traditional excavation in his
analyses of its collapse.

Wednesday, September 9
Dr. Gregory Mumford
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Enemy at the Gates: The Collapse of the Old Kingdom in the Sinai
7:30 PM
Chan Auditorium, Business Administration Building, UAH

Please also mark your calendars for talks on representations of children during the wars between ancient Athens and Sparta on October 14 and on Gothic cathedrals on November 11.

To get more information about upcoming events  as well as keep up with current news in archaeology, please see our website: