Updates to Maia Atlantis

The following changes have been made to the subscription list of the Maia Atlantis Feed Aggregator:


  • Ancient Mediterranean Musings (author has taken the blog private)
  • Ars Nesciendi (blog not found; presumed deleted)
  • Charles Watkinson's Blog (feed gone)
  • Dacian Archaeology (author has taken the blog private)
  • Iconoclasm (site reports error; will try again in 1 month)
  • Idle Musings of a Bookseller (content has been orthogonal to the focus of the aggregator for several months)
  • Japanese Archaeology (blog not found; presumed deleted)
  • Logos Bible Software Blog (feed is future-dating posts; will check again in 1 month)
  • Thoughts on Antiquity (domain no longer registered)
  • Novum Testamentum Blog (domain no longer registered)
  • Numismatics and Archaeology (author has taken the blog private)
  • The Oresteia Project (blog not found; presumed deleted)
  • Scarring the Past (author has taken the blog private)
  • Scribal Practices (blog not found; presumed deleted)
  • Transport Archaeology (blog deleted by author)
  • A Way Through The Hills (blog deleted by author)
  • What's New in Abzu (feed access has apparently been blocked for the aggregator: 403 forbidden)