Mob Epigraphy: Sepulchral Inscription of Flavia Faustina

First installment in an irregular series (entitled "Mob Epigraphy") exploring the collaborative encoding, enrichment and publication of epigraphic texts on the web.

Here's the deal: what follows is surely incomplete, or even wrong, from any number of perspectives (textual, historical, technical?). So, if you have ideas or expertise with respect to the text, translation, descriptive information, EpiDoc/TEI encoding of the XML, HTML encoding, etc.), then please weigh in via comment or another blog post (just make sure I discover it somehow!).

What do you think would make this a better digital publication?

Sepulchral Inscription of Flavia Faustina

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Edited by: Tom Elliott
  • Observed at Rome in the lapidarium of the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls on 2010-11-10.


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Photo by Tom Elliott. 10 November 2010.


Flavia Faustina vixit an-
nos duos mensis octo ⌜e⌝t
diis octo.


Flavia Faustina lived two years, eight months and eight days.

Published Editions

  • EDCS
  • EDB
  • ICVR II 5946
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