Digital Classics Association Conference Today in Buffalo

A diverse and interesting crowd of folks is pounding down coffee and putting on blue-collared shirts this morning to prepare to participate in the first conference organized by the Digital Classics Association. It's called "Word, Space, Time: Digital Perscpectives on the Classical World" and runs today and tomorrow (5-6 April 2013) in the Center for the Arts Screening Room at the University of Buffalo. On-site registration is available, so come on out!

Here's the conference program.

There's already broad consensus that we'll use the #dca2013 hashtag for tweets about the event. If you're blogging or otherwise serializing or critiquing the conference online and your platform is feed-equipped, please let me know and I'll make sure it's in the subscription list for the Maia Atlantis feed aggregator so it gets wider exposure.

I've also initiated an IRC channel on the freenode network to support backchannel communications: #dca2013.

Here's hoping for robust wifi at the venue...

See you at the conference or online!