Additions and corrections in Planet Atlantides

I've just added the following blog to the Maia and Electra feed aggregators:

title = Standards for Networking Ancient Prosopographies
url =
creators = Gabriel Bodard, et al.
description = Networking Ancient Prosopographies: Data and Relations in Greco-Roman Names (hereafter SNAP:DRGN or SNAP) project aims to address the problem of linking together large collections of material (datasets) containing information about persons, names and person-like entities managed in heterogeneous systems and formats.
feed =

I've also updated the entry for MutEc as follows (corrected feed url):

title = Mutualisation d'outils numériques pour les éditions critiques et les corpus (MutEC)
url =
creators = Marjorie Burghart, et al.
description = MutEC est un dispositif de partage, d'accumulation et de diffusion des technologies et des méthodologies qui émergent dans le champ des humanités numériques.
feed =

MITH and tDAR continue to respond to our bot with 403 Forbidden, so their content will not appear in the aggregators.