Zotero Item Keys (Again)

Back in 2012, I posted about Zotero item keys and my attempts to get at them for purposes of linking and reuse. There are better ways, hence this update.

Option 1: Export to CSV. The item key is in the first column:

"Key","Item Type","Publication Year","Author","Title"

Option 2: Install the Zutilo plugin for Zotero Standalone. It adds several features to the Zotero client, including the ability to get the Zotero URIs for one or more records via a context menu item. The last element in the Zotero URI is the item key:

Screen capture showing the Zotero Standalone client interface with the context menu activated for an individual record. The 'Zutilo' submenu is activated and the 'Copy Zotero URIs' menu item is selected.