Pleiades and QGIS and OSX

Apparently there's a new way to install QGIS under OSX. It is easy. And it works.

If you're a QGIS user (or aspire to be) and you do your own system administration and installs under OSX, you know that getting a fully working QGIS install has been somewhere between painful and impossible on the "making it happen" spectrum, especially if you want add-ons or you're a Python developer too or you're just unlucky during a particular week. You also know that the web is littered with stale, erroneous, and divergeant blog posts and how-to pages that try (mostly vainly, in my experience) to help you get through this labyrinth. It has just been too much of complex, moving target.

Enter new-to-me, UK-based Lutra Consulting whose crowd-funded "QGIS for macOS" initiative I stumbled across this morning. Just grab the release you want from their "Download QGIS" page, open the disk image, drag the QGIS icon to the /Applications folder on your mac, double-click to start QGIS and make a map. No downloading special binaries from a third-party (assuming they're compiled for your OS version). No trying to figure out which third-party homebrew recipes might install the right prerequisites and in what order. No experimenting with how to get a Python virtual environment set up and working with your QGIS install so you don't pollute your base install with all the python prerequisites for QGIS. No figuring out which extra compile flags to use or alternatives. No sacrificing goats on your keyboard.

The Lutra Consulting QGIS image bundles (i.e., it includes) its own "Python3, Qt, GDAL, GRASS, SAGA and other dependencies" and was ready to run for me out of the box this morning under Mojave. It's how I quickly made a map using the latest Pleiades KML download file and the free AWMC Coastline Shapefile in order to illustrate the current density of coverage of the Pleiades gazetteer.